A new way to execute and track field activities

End-to-end solution

The Smart Field solution has 3 components

Mobile app

Super Powerful!

  • Android/iOS operating system
  • Designed to withstand long periods of operation without connection to the network
  • Prepared to operate large volumes of data
  • Optimized to make efficient use of the mobile device’s battery
  • Simple and intuitive user experience
  • Geolocation of meters
  • Management of anomalies, workflows and photos
  • Manual reading or data capture
Reading Probe by IOT Data Sensor

Unique on the market!

  • It allows reading and resetting electronic meters to zero
  • Compatible with +35 models of electronic meters
  • New meter models can be easily incorporated
  • Battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Bluetooth communication with the device
  • Excellent response time for taking reading

Backoffice Web

Simple management!

  • A single portal for managing and monitoring field activities
  • It implements the definition of roles and profiles
  • It allows assigning, unassigning and regrouping work routes
  • It enables management of own and third-party technicians by contractor companies
  • It tracks technicians in real time
  • It facilitates management indicators in real time

With Smart Field you are always on the move

Smart Field!

Developing field work

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