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A new brand. A new website. The usual Widergy.

Widergy is a different company than it was when it started. But it also remains the same.

It is the same, because we continue with our purpose and commitment to bring innovation to the utilities industry. It is different, because we grew up and prepared for a future where we want to do much, much more.

This desire to do more is the answer to the trust that each client has placed in Widergy, associating us with their evolution, allowing us to accompany them in their design for the future. That confidence makes us happy.

We want Widergy to become a global company that is recognized for its solutions and technology. We seek to innovate. We seek to inspire.

That is why we do not stand still, we reinvent ourselves, adapting to new challenges, exploring ever wider horizons.

Today we are launching a new brand and a new website. And we are happy.

In all this change, some things remain the same: our DNA has remained unchanged since day one. The genetic material that sustains all our dreams is the people, the team, the people.

This new brand and this new website are the reflejo of why we do what we do, of working on what we love, of doing it with the people we love. Reflege our Widergy Way to get things done. It expresses who we are.

We are Widergy. We are the future for utilities. We are the future for the community. And we are the future for every member of Widergy.

Welcome to a new Widergy. We welcome you to Widergy as always.

It doesn’t matter when you read this.

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