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Technology for building the future

We create, design and develop high impact technology solutions to help utilities reconsider their role and shape their future while evolving through innovation.

We exist to develop the way companies and individuals manage and use utilities.

We work to inspire and facilitate a more efficient, careful and sustainable use of the Earth’s resources, thus changing the way we relate to electricity, gas and water.

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From knowledge to transformation

We focus on an industry that connects people with essential services and needs to move safely at high speed.
Every day we manage and assess millions of data points that help us get insights and design smart solutions that are capable of driving the development and growth of utilities.

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This is how we do it!

We develop flexible, easy to integrate and scalable IoT software and platforms.

Edenor – Field Reading Management

We transform the way meter reading is done in the field.

MetroGas – Smart Consumption

Liberamos el potencial del consumidor inteligente a través de un micro sitio exclusivo de eficiencia energética

Camuzzi – Certified professionals portal

We digitize the entire process with certified professionals through a new platform.

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