Optimizes interaction and makes processes transparent

A professional services marketplace that streamlines procedures and facilitates interaction between certified professionals, companies, clients and the regulatory body.

Integration of all stakeholders

  • Fully digitize the management of certified professionals.
  • Optimizes interaction and makes processes transparent
  • Streamlines procedures and connects certified professionals, customers, regulators and utilities.

A platform to EVOLVE

Secure and confident customers

Utilities with information and tracking

Digitized Professionals

Channel visibility

Fluid interaction.

Agility in service

Quick solutions

Constant feedback

Increased satisfaction of all parties

Cost reduction

Worker Zone

A Marketplace that solves everything

It allows you to search for certified professionals, makes intelligent suggestions, facilitates the sending of quotes and work agreements, and allows payment and feedback through the platform.

Certified professionals who manage better

We work for a more equitable and just world, with more social inclusion and equal rights and opportunities for all people.

Customers who solve in a much simpler manner

They can request registration, make a selection of the registered professional, securely contact the professionals and the utility and follow up on procedures.

The company in control of the process

You will be able to track processes, assign and manage shifts and supervise each of the ongoing operations.

Follow-up of procedures and work

With configurable workflows, digital signature, tracking, photos and attachments.

Integrated regulatory body

To expedite their follow-up, control and certifications.

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Worker Zone

Enjoy managing with Worker Zone

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