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What is purposeful technology and how does it help to generate greater sustainability?

Improving the world through innovation without neglecting the environment is one of the premises of the technology with purpose.


Breaking the barriers of the digital divide, improving people’s lifestyles, and at the same time, being in line with sustainability are concepts that are increasingly present in companies when designing products and services.


In fact, in 2018, the Deusto Declaration of Human Rights in Digital Environments was one of the first to talk about the importance of humanizing technology and since then everything has been evolving, either by the same constant movement of digital transformation or by the adaptability to today’s life.


In this article we tell you all about purpose-driven purpose-driven technology and its goal to develop a more sustainable universe..


What is purposeful technology?

It is a trend that consists of combining human development with technological development, also taking into account ethics and responsibility in its use.. In other words, it is using technology to solve problems and create solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment. For example, a technology company can create a renewable energy device that reduces dependence on fossil fuels and helps combat climate change.


In the meantime, talking about technology with purpose is almost mandatory if you want your products or services to be relevant and have a purpose that is not merely commercial. After all, it is people who choose to buy, so we must design to best meet their needs.


Characteristics of purposeful technology

Due to the digital transformation and the profile of a new consumer who requires fast, effective solutions that are in line with their principles, the use of technology with a purpose is increasingly necessary.


For this reason, it is referred to as “the 4 A’s” that characterize it.

Characteristics of purposeful technology



  • Adequate: Should be thought out taking into account environmental, ethical, cultural, social and economic aspects of the targeted community.
  • Accessible: must ensure that technological resources are available to any type of audience, with or without disabilities of any kind. Anything that refers to inclusiveness is also part of purposeful technology.
  • Affordable: it needs to be adapted to developing countries or populations with poor Internet connectivity. Although in the world there are more than 5 billion people who have access to it, the digital divide still exists.
  • Adapted to the population: Must be versatile to the public’s knowledge of technology.


Benefits of purposeful technology for businesses

Implementing a more sustainable lifestyle not only personally but also in business has many advantages. From applications that help raise awareness about the rational use of energy to clothing that measures cardiac functions, sustainability is among us and businesses should think of this trend as a great ally.


Today’s triple impact companies continue to grow, a very good thing for purposeful technology. Its use can have many benefits in organizationsespecially for those operating in the utilities sector. Widergy highlights the following advantages:

Cost reduction

For example, utilities can use smart energy metering technology to reduce meter reading costs and improve data accuracy.

Increased efficiency and productivity

It is achieved by automating processes and reducing the need for human intervention.

Optimization of service quality

And all thanks to better management and planning of resources and processes.


Advantages of purposeful technology for society and environment

This type of trend also has benefits for improving the way technology relates to the social environment and ecology for example in:


It can reduce environmental impact and help protect natural resources for future generations.


It does this through cost reduction and productivity improvements.


Purposeful technology can be used to provide access to education, healthcare and other essential services through digital and mobile platforms.


Reducing socioeconomic disparities and fostering inclusion are more characteristic of the purposeful use of technological resources.


Of course, their use helps to create new and creative solutions to social and environmental challenges. Encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking is key to generating fresh ideas and easy resolutions to persistent problems.


Technology with purpose and sustainability: reducing impacts on society

Now, how can purposeful technology help generate greater sustainability on the planet? In several ways and we mention some of them!

Promoting the maximization of energy efficiency

The technology can be used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, factories and other systems, reducing energy consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions.


For example, building automation systems can control lighting, air conditioning and heating to reduce energy consumption. Factories can implement real-time monitoring technologies to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced. The uses are many, we just have to start doing it.

Encouraging the development of renewable energy sources

Its implementation is key to deploy, for example, solar and wind energy. Both are important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.


To do so, companies can invest in solar panels or purchase renewable energy. In addition, energy storage systems can be used for later use.

Generating solutions that take the circular economy into account

Minimizing waste and optimizing the use of resources are the keys to the circular economy. For example, companies can implement waste management systems that promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. In addition, the technology can be used to create more durable products.


For an increasingly sustainable present and future

As we have seen, if we use it for a particular purpose, technology is a great tool for implementing sustainable, equitable and ethical development for the environment, society and business. sustainable, equitable and ethical development for the environment, society and business..


From Widergy we make technology with purpose and help utilities reimagine their role, reinvent themselves and move into the future..

What if we could design what’s next? What if we relied on collective power? What if evolution were in our hands?
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Improving the world through innovation without neglecting the environment is one of the premises of the technology with purpose.   Breaking the barriers of

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