We participate in the design of the future of utilities, providing them with high-impact technology solutions that help them reimagine their role and evolve in this new context.

We want to be part of building the solutions that a new world needs.

We want to facilitate a more efficient, conscious and sustainable management of the planet's resources.

Engage and empower utilities and utility users to transform the way we manage and consume electricity, gas and water. We want to be part of building the solutions that a new world needs. That is why we develop innovative technological tools with high added value and maximum quality for a more efficient, conscious and sustainable use and management of the planet’s resources.

Our ambition is to be recognized as a leading company in technological innovation, committed to sustainable evolution. Improving the world we live in by evolving the way people and organizations manage and consume water, electricity and gas utilities. We want to be a technological benchmark in the region and lead the transformation of the role of utilities in a context in which more and more users are seeking to become involved in the fight against climate change through more efficient, conscious and sustainable consumption.

We assume these commitments:


Every person at Widergy prioritizes quality and information security in all processes of the solutions we develop: design, build, test, implement, support and communicate.

Continuous improvement

We research and keep ourselves constantly updated and improved to strengthen our solutions and create the tools of the future that allow utilities to enhance and scale their capabilities.


We know how important information is. Our solutions are secure and we are responsible for accessing and managing the data that our tools help to administer and manage. We take care of having a high level of service that prioritizes the needs of those who trust us, from beginning to end (and on a daily basis as well).


Establishing honest and committed relationships is our priority. We are how we show up, we keep the promises we make and we take responsibility for our actions.


We focus on attracting and developing exceptional people with talent and a collaborative attitude. We foster a diverse, egalitarian and supportive work environment of permanent co-creation in which the primary cell is the team.

Quality and Information Security Policy: WIDERGY is committed to comply with all applicable requirements within the framework of the Quality and Information Security Management System and to have the necessary resources to continuously improve its effectiveness. Quality and Information Security Policy – Revision: 3.0 – Date of update: 08/08/2023

Our cultural principles define us


We are a team with experience in utilities developing solutions exclusively for the industry.


We propose innovation that solves current requirements and scales to meet future challenges.


Our technology is easy to adopt and implement. We want it to be used intuitively and understood.


We use design-thinking processes, frameworks and tools to ensure that our development is always people-centered.


We follow and challenge the latest technological trends in the creation of our solutions.


The methodologies and operation processes we use guarantee the optimization of implementation times and continuous improvement, sprint after sprint.


We are accessible and close by. We enjoy what we do. At the end of the day, how we work is as important as what we do.

This is who we are: these are the values that guide our way

A more sustainable planet is an obligation

We believe that a world in which we use natural resources more intelligently and efficiently is possible and necessary.

No one is left out

We work for a more equitable and just world, with more social inclusion and equal rights and opportunities for all people.

We will always listen

We strive to exercise empathy to understand and approach the desires, needs, difficulties and work of those who rely on our proposal. We know that listening is the essential basis for achieving relevance.

Creative DNA has no hierarchies

We believe in the power of each person to do great things. We know that the best ideas come from the synergy achieved through teamwork. We promote and create spaces for the individual development of each person we work with.

It is necessary to dream. And also, to make

We devise and create the future of utilities. To achieve this, we design and develop ambitious products that focus on big ideas, iteration and constant improvement. We value effort and learning, which helps us to constantly improve ourselves and encourages us to challenge ourselves more and more.

Where we came from says a lot about where we are going

Our story begins with Gus Casaforte who spent the last 17 years of his career in corporate consulting for utilities thinking about how to bring high-impact solutions to an industry that was beginning to undergo a total transformation.

Thus, in 2017, Widergy was born: a technology solutions company that helps utilities and consumers to surf the waves of the energy revolution with better resources.

From day one, the goal was to team up with talented and committed people, with a solid technical background, to develop the technological platform that is the basis of our proposal.

Today we are already living part of our dream, collaborating with the region’s leading utilities to transform the world of utilities.

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