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We digitize the entire process with certified professionals through a new platform.
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Camuzzi used to manage all relationships with registered professionals in a non-digital way, through paperwork and in person.


Based on the Worker Zone platform, the management process of certified professionals was designed and implemented in a comprehensive and fully digital manner. Now certified professionals can carry out all their operations and queries without having to go to a company office. The customer was also incorporated into the circuit where he can consult, validate and approve the status of the procedure without leaving his home.

Today Camuzzi already has more than 7,000 certified professionals on the platform and manages more than 12,000 new procedures per month.


  • Worker Zone

Aplicaciones y módulos implementados

  • Certified Professionals Portal (Worker Zone Portal)
  • Back Office Agents (Worker Zone Center)
  • Customers View (Worker Zone Client)
  • Analytics Platform (WTP Analytics)

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