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A virtual experience center, a mobile app, a virtual agent, a consumption simulator, a self-service kiosk and much more!
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Edenor’s strategic objective was to transform digital channels into its main means of attention and relationship with consumers, for which it required a comprehensive solution.


In 2019 Edenor migrated its digital interaction with its users to the Utility GO! digital experience platform. The adoption of the platform and the conversion from traditional channels to digital channels have transformed the way Edenor relates and communicates with its consumers. Today Edenor Digital is by far the company’s main relationship medium with its users, already having more than 60% of its customer base digitized.

Edenor Digital platform won the Eikon 2021 award in the “General Digital Campaign. Web, Social Media and Mobile Digital Communication” category.


  • Utility GO!
  • Agent GO!

Implemented applications and modules

  • Virtual Office (Utility GO! Digital Customer Web)
  • Mobile app (Utility GO! Digital Customer Web)
  • Web Virtual Agent (Agent GO! Bot)
  • Consumption Simulator (Utility GO! Energy Simulator)
  • Bill Estimate (Utility GO! Energy Simulator)
  • Smart Bill (Utility GO! Smart Bill)
  • Smart Metering Experience (Utility GO! Smart Customer)
  • Analytics Platform (WTP Analytics)

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