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We transform the way meter reading is done in the field.
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Edenor used to perform meter reading in the field through a very old application, very expensive portable terminals that ran under windows phone, which no longer provides support. Edenor’s objectives of promoting reading by optical sensor (probe), incorporating new business functionalities and starting to work with modern mobile phones involved migrating to a new solution.


Widergy and Edenor worked together under the dynamics of co-creation of W-LAB solutions to be able to develop a comprehensive solution that encompasses:

  • iOS/Android mobile application that allows working with large volumes of data offline (offline first)
  • Backoffice web application for managing technicians in the field
  • Bluetooth integration module with optical sensor (probe)
  • Probe reading of the entire fleet of Edenor electronic meters (+1M meters, +35 meter brands and models)
  • Georeferencing and photo management


  • Smart Field

Implemented applications and modules

  • Mobile app (Smart Field Mobile)
  • Back Office app (Smart Field Supervisor)
  • Probe Connector (Smart Field IoT)
  • Analytics Platform (WTP Analytics)


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