Future for utilities

We participate in the design of the future of utilities, providing them with high-impact technology solutions that help them reimagine their role and evolve in this new context. We want to be part of building the solutions that a new world needs. We want to facilitate a more efficient, conscious and sustainable management of the […]


Optimizes interaction and makes processes transparent A professional services marketplace that streamlines procedures and facilitates interaction between certified professionals, companies, clients and the regulatory body. Integration of all stakeholders Fully digitize the management of certified professionals. Optimizes interaction and makes processes transparent Streamlines procedures and connects certified professionals, customers, regulators and utilities. A platform to […]


A technological, creative, and agile molecule that helps utilities reconsider their role, reinvent themselves and move towards the future. We develop technology with a purpose. What if we could design the future? What if we relied on collective power? What if evolution were in our hands? Learn more about the purpose of Widergy https://widergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Video-compania-baja.mp4It defines […]


Design your solution and shorten development times from the Widergy Technical Platform building blocks. No need to start from scratch every time.Our Widergy Technical Platform makes your life easier. Get your applications designed, developed and in production in record time. Want to know how we do it? Discover the Widergy Technical Platform Come and find […]

Utility GO!

Evolve with your audience People changed.They are more informed and more demanding.Utilities must be transformed to accompany them. Utilities have the opportunity to accompany the empowerment of their audiences. Meet Utility GO! https://widergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/widergy-video-final-baja.mp4 Happier and smarter users New relationship channels. More efficient management More information for decision making Energy Efficiency Training Smartgrid at your fingertips […]

Join our team

Our team is skilled, dedicated and passionate about what they do. Learn more about our searches We are COMMUNITY Widergy is an open, inclusive and enthusiastic company. We care about attracting and developing exceptional people with talent and a collaborative attitude. We foster a diverse, egalitarian and supportive work environment of permanent co-creation in which […]


Widergy Technical Platform The technical platform that designs, builds and operates Widergy’s universe of solutions. The starting point that allows us to innovate quickly. And better. Accelerates application design, development and production start-up Ensures robust, highly available, reliable and scalable applications Reduces the level of errors in testing and production output Minimizes stabilization, maintenance and […]


Powerful tools to transform the way people relate to public services. That’s how we do it! Flexible, easy-to-integrate and scalable IoT and software platforms.Solutions designed with the utilities of the future in mind. Transform your customers’ experience Meet UTILITY GO! The call center evolves Discover AGENT GO! Reimagines field work Meet SMART FIELD Integrates professional […]

Smart Field

A new way to executeand follow up on field activities End-to-end solution The Smart Field solution has 3 components Mobile Application Super Powerful! Android/iOs operating system Designed to withstand long periods of off-grid operation Prepared to operate large volumes of data Optimized to make efficient use of the cellular device’s battery. Simple and intuitive user […]


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